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Instagram Posts and
 Stories that led to
 more sales.

“When trying to build a brand through Instagram, you can’t have average content — it’s not enough. Creating story and content designs with PixelFactory allows us to easily post new deals and graphics about featured coffee flavors. That’s invaluable.”

Rachael Sternholm

Head of Marketing

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“With PixelFactory’s designs, we were able to have a few of our posts go viral accross Instagram and Facebook. This resulted in 50k additional followers in 30 days. We were never able to achieve these results with thousands of dollars on ads.”

Mike Heller

VP Marketing

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Featured Customer


Photo editing for
better engagement
and new customers.

“Beautiful imagry is key to having engagement on social media, but it costs a lot of time and money to get right. With PixelFactory, they were able to optimize and enhance raw assets that we had. The before and after results were unbeliavable.”

Anne Finestin

Creative Director

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